Best glasses in 35 years!

Wonderful Facebook post from Julie Dedes after her care at Port Adelaide Eyewear:

“This is the first time an optometrist, or any eye specialist has given heed to my eye condition.
35 years of miserable optometrist treatment has finally ended.
Konrad Pesudovs, you are an incredible Optometrist,
I can actually see.
I can now keep my licence!
XXXX said I’d be blind by 50, Wrong!
Konrad is the best in Adelaide.
I’ve gone through over a dozen eye “experts” who have miserably failed me.

Thank you Julie!
I’m so pleased we were able to help you. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the prescription or the glasses right, but we will always be patient, try our best, and if things are not right we will fix them. Thank you again Julie for your very kind words!

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