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Frame Brands:

Nathalie Blanc – Established in 2015, Nathalie Blanc Paris, the luxury brand of eyewear, rose quickly to set itself apart from the rest of the industry with its innovation, its impeccable craftsmanship, and the finest materials. Nathalie Blanc Paris collection is designed to match perfectly with the face’s curves. The avant-garde collection offers a variety of colours in a subtle palette, delicate frames, and detailed temples, mixing tradition with a modern approach. The winning design is described as a pure, delicate form, with particular care placed on every detail. Each frame features a distinguished two-tone detail at the end of the temples. With overtones of the 1970s, the frames have featured a delicate flash or graduated lens and sophisticated combinations of the French know-how.

Coco Song – Coco Song is the fruit of meticulous study whose origins lie in the Orient’s millennium-spanning culture and its traditional iconography. The style and decoration of Coco Song eyewear, together with the use of sophisticated precious materials, means that each Coco Song frame is a work of art.

Jono Hennessy – The Jono Hennessy Limited Edition Collection is a contemporary collection brought to you by Sydney-based Australian eyewear icon Jonathan Hennessy Sceats. Channelling his upbringing focused around daring and different frames created by his father, Jono’s brand is unique, classy and at times eccentric. Jono’s frames have been ahead of the times since his 1980s label, Jonathan Sceats Eyewear, and the Jono Hennessy collection is no different. Creating a product that is timeless, yet progressive is an art form and it has truly been captured in this collection. See more of Jono’s work in both the Carter Bond and Zeffer collections.

Dutz –  Originating from Holland and praised for their modern design and quality, Dutz has long been a market leader in European eyewear. Use of quality acetates and metal with nickel free coatings make for superior frames. However, the most impressive feature of Dutz Eyewear is the design. It expresses individual style, ranging from the classic to leading edge in an array of sophisticated colours.

Vinyl Factory -Take the road, hair in the wind, pedal to the metal for a trip into the origins of rock, driving a 70s convertible. Vinyl Factory is the eyewear brand that have roots in music and retro spirit. Whether the inspiration of our designers, the feet in France, but the head in Nashville. Or thanks to the enthusiasm of our representatives, communicators, managers, creatives and so many more: it’s not just a company, it’s the promising line-up of a great festival! It is this spirit that we wanted to translate in our products: sunglasses to protect against the incandescent sky of California, optical frames to decipher the most complex partitions, a high-end collection, Icons, which pays tribute to the biggest showmen, Rock on!

Face a Face – Face à Face frames are hand made in France.  First created in 1995, Face à Face glasses grew out of a passion for architecture shared by a small group of eyewear enthusiasts. One of them, Pascal Jaulent, the creator of the original concept behind the collection, dreamt of giving eyewear the power to reflect the character of the person wearing it. “Face à Face was designed to reveal the sense of the modern that’s in all of us.” Nadine Roth, his partner, felt that nothing could reflect the look that makes each of us what we are better than our own eyes. Like an architect, Face à Face works with volumes, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give its glasses the power to express the personality of their wearer, whether that be bold, carefree, energetic, independent or even seductive. Each new collection is preceded by a research and design stage, resulting in new styles enhanced by innovative concepts and incorporating the latest in fashion. Over the last 19 years, with a collection renowned for its creativity and its “Made in France” quality, the company has gained a strong foothold in the world market for designer glasses (80% of its turnover comes from exports), opened a subsidiary in the United States, set up a production and finishing centre in the French Jura region.

WOOW –  was created as a collection under FACE A FACE, and has now grown into a strong individual brand for the young and bold, sold in more than 40 countries across the world. Between traditional style and casual fashion, chick and off-beat with a trendy London feel, the WOOW style will speak to all with a sense of humour. The little message inserted in the end tip of the frame will make you smile first thing in the morning.

Martin Wells – Originally established in 1954, and manufactured in an old munitions factory, Martin Wells Eyewear was a stalwart of its era. Creating timeless styles still referenced today, the savvy Europeans behind the brand reigned supreme in the eyewear industry decades after its inception. 2018 sees the Martin Wells name reawaken. The range draws inspiration from Well’s golden age throughout the 1970s; obvious is the nod to retro-chic stylings of yesteryear, while staying ahead of what’s current today sits high on the agenda with the brand’s bold shapes, shameless curves and daring colours – Nostalgia never looked so good!

Valley Eyewear – Founded in 2011 by Michael Crawley and his wife Tenielle, this independent label has built a reputation on pushing the boundaries of fashion eyewear. With humble beginnings in a tiny garage studio on the East coast of Australia, the brand found momentum by producing premium high-quality, fashion-forward eyewear. With each pair constructed from the finest materials available, passed through some 25 hands for quality assurance and critiqued by an Australian design team, Valley presents a refined collection of eyewear that exemplifies an idiosyncratic high-end confidence with a rebellious twist.

ROGER Eye Design – was founded in 2008 by Roger Hoppenbrouwers. Roger started RED from an Opticians point of view with over 30 years experience and a nose for trends. The ROGER collection is an easy and fashionable eyewear collection, with exciting shapes, bold colours and high quality materials, made according to the newest techniques.

Wayne Cooper – Wayne Cooper is one of the best known names in the Australian fashion industry. Born in London’s East End, it is from the streets of the British capital that help develop one of Australia’s hottest and most enduring design talents. The eyewear collection combines fashion forward designs and quality materials. From rich acetates to pure titanium, the Wayne Cooper eyewear collection presents a modern collection for men and women that is both sophisticated and street smart

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